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Selasa, 22 Maret 2011


Example of Hortatory Exposition

Fasten Your Seat Belt!!!"

A seat belt, sometimes called a safety belt, is a safety harness designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result from a collision or a sudden stop. As part of an overall occupant restraint system, seat belts are intended to reduce injuries by stopping the wearer from hitting hard interior elements of the vehicle or other passengers (the so-called second impact) and by preventing the wearer from being thrown from the vehicle.
During 2004, total accident in DKI Jakarta are 4.544 cases, with 1.146 death victims, 63% of that accident victims didn’t use seat belt (Source: tempo interactive). If we use seat belt, we will be safe if an accident happening to us. Of course it will decrease the number of death by fatal accident. This fact makes us realize that if we don’t use seat belt, we will endanger our life. So it’s very important to use seat belt.

For some people, using seat belt makes journey uncomfortable, makes us can’t move freely, etc. But if we used to wear it, it will be our habit. We will feel more and more comfortable if we often use it. Regardless of whether it is comfortable or not, it is very important for us to use seat belt, to save our life.

Government, especially police department, began enforcing us to use a seat belt to decrease the number of death victim. It’s appropriated with polices’ slogan “Melindungi dan Mengayomi Masyarakat Indonesia”. Because the number of death victim in Indonesia is so high. And most of the death victims didn’t use seat belt.


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